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July 11, 2017

I was sitting pretty much like I am now; feet up, enjoying a beer, and the view. I heard a splash to the left and turned to watch a Labrador pup, maybe 6 months old swim toward the middle of the lake. Its person was hollering for it to come back but it kept swimming. I smiled as it swam further from shore. And further still. It swam past the narrows in the photo but there was an older couple in a boat following the pup so I thought they'd scoop it up. As the pup swam further still it became tired and started slapping the water more than swimming. But it kept going! It wasn't going to make it all the way across and neither the person nor the couple in the boat were going to help. So I grabbed a paddle and jumped in a kayak and took off for the pup. I finally caught up to it but it was tired and scared and swam away from me. I couldn't turn her, she kept her course. Eventually I was able to grab her collar and pull her up to the kayak but she swamped me. Holding her on one hand and the kayak in the

other, I asked the couple for help. They refused! I righted the kayak but it was full of water. I put the pup in the kayak but she wouldn't stay. Again I asked the couple for help. Again they refused. I tried again the get the kayak navigable and the pup inside but it wasn't gonna happen. I looked at the couple in the boat. Reluctantly they agreed to let me put the pup in their boat. As it turns out, they were afraid it would bite them. I had the pup still by the collar and the kayak by the handle and we made our way back to the dock where I handed the pup off to her person. I later learned he had been asked if he wanted to take a kayak out and help. He said, "nah, they got it". Maybe he was afraid of water. Anyway, once the pup was in his grip and I on the dock, I checked and surenuff, my phone was safely in my pocket throughout. I tried all the usual things but it never recovered. I now have a new phone. Back on the trail tomorrow!

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