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As part of the Altar Series, Porphyra is an unscented candle, crafted of purple wax in a frosted white vessel. Purple candles in magical and spiritual practices are often imbued with significant meanings and uses. Their significance can vary among different traditions and belief systems, but here are some common associations:


Spiritual Awareness and Psychic Abilities: Purple is traditionally associated with higher spiritual insight and psychic awareness. Lighting purple candles can be seen as a way to enhance psychic abilities, encourage spiritual growth, or open the third eye.

Wisdom and Knowledge: The color purple is often linked with wisdom and knowledge. Using a purple candle in rituals or meditation can be aimed at deepening understanding or seeking guidance in complex situations.

Power and Influence: In some magical practices, purple candles are used to increase personal power, influence, and ambition. They are believed to assist in gaining authority and control, especially in professional or leadership contexts.

Protection: Similar to black candles, purple candles are sometimes used for protection, especially protection from psychic attacks or negative spiritual influences.

Healing and Tranquility: Purple candles can be used in healing rituals, particularly those that focus on emotional or spiritual healing. They are thought to bring about peace and tranquility, helping to soothe the mind and spirit.

Divination: In divination practices, purple candles are often used to enhance the diviner’s intuition and to deepen the connection to the mystical or spiritual realms.

Third Eye Chakra: In chakra work, the color purple is associated with the third eye chakra, which is the center of intuition and foresight. Lighting purple candles can aid in balancing and opening this chakra.

Honor and Respect: In some spiritual practices, purple candles are lit to show honor and respect to spiritual entities, ancestors, or deities associated with wisdom, psychic abilities, and spiritual empowerment.


The use of purple candles in magic is typically guided by the intent of the practitioner and the specific context of the ritual or practice. It's always important to approach such practices with respect and understanding of their cultural and spiritual significance.


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