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As part of the Altar Series, Emerald is an unscented candle, crafted of green wax in either a green or frosted white vessel. Green candles in magic and various spiritual practices are often associated with specific intentions and symbolic meanings. Here are some of the key significances of green candles:

Abundance and Prosperity: Green is traditionally linked with abundance, both in material and spiritual terms. It's often used in rituals related to wealth, financial success, and business growth.

Nature and Fertility: Green represents nature, growth, and fertility. Candles of this color might be used in spells or rituals to encourage growth, whether it's the growth of a garden, the deepening of personal growth, or the flourishing of new ideas and projects.

Healing: In many spiritual practices, green is associated with healing. Green candles might be used in rituals to promote physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

Heart Chakra: In systems that incorporate chakra energies, such as certain yoga practices or New Age beliefs, green is associated with the heart chakra. Lighting a green candle might be used to facilitate opening or balancing this chakra, promoting feelings of love, compassion, and emotional wellbeing.

Luck and Success: Green candles can also be used in spells or rituals intended to bring luck or success, especially in new ventures or to turn fortunes around.

Harmony and Balance: The color green is thought to bring balance and harmony, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility. It can be used in rituals to restore balance, whether in one's personal life, in a relationship, or in a specific situation.


It's important to note that the significance of green candles can vary between different cultures, traditions, and individual practitioners. The intent and belief of the practitioner play a crucial role in the effectiveness and meaning of their use in any ritual or magical practice.


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