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As part of the Altar Series, Obsidian is an unscented candle, crafted of black wax in a black vessel. Black candles in various cultures and belief systems are often associated with a range of metaphorical, mtaphysical, and magical properties:


Protection: Black candles are frequently used in rituals and spells for protection. They are believed to absorb negativity, ward off evil spirits, or provide a protective barrier against harmful energies.

Banishing and Binding: In magical practices, black candles are used for banishing rituals, which aim to remove negative influences, bad habits, or unwanted energies. They are also used in binding spells to prevent harm or negativity.

Mourning and Remembrance: In some traditions, black candles serve as a symbol of mourning. They are lit in memory of the deceased, signifying respect and remembrance.

Meditation and Reflection: The burning of a black candle can be a focal point during meditation, especially for introspection and self-reflection. It is thought to help in uncovering deep truths and facing one's shadow self.

Justice and Balance: Black candles are sometimes used in rituals that seek justice or balance. They are believed to help in tipping the scales in a fair manner, especially when dealing with moral or legal matters.

New Beginnings and Releasing the Past: Despite their dark color, black candles can symbolize the end of a phase and the start of something new. They are used in rituals to release the past and to open the way for new beginnings.

Power and Strength: In certain magical practices, black candles are used to amplify power and strength, either of the spell caster or of the spell itself.

Divination and Communication with the Spirit World: Some believe that black candles aid in opening communication channels with the spirit world, making them useful in divination and in contacting the deceased.


It's important to note that the significance of black candles can vary greatly depending on the cultural context and individual beliefs. In all cases, they are respected for their potent symbolic meanings and their use in various spiritual and ritualistic practices.



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