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As part of the Altar Series, Eruthros is an unscented candle, crafted of red wax in either a red or frosted white vessel. Red candles are associated with a variety of symbolic meanings and intentions. The significance of red candles can vary depending on the specific tradition, belief system, or practitioner. Here are some common interpretations and uses of red candles in magic:

Passion and Love: Red is often associated with passionate emotions, including love and desire. Red candles are commonly used in love spells and rituals to attract romantic love, enhance intimacy, or ignite passion in a relationship.

Strength and Courage: Red is the color of strength and courage. It can be used in spells and rituals to boost confidence, overcome challenges, and face adversity with determination.

Energy and Vitality: Red is a high-energy color associated with physical vitality and life force. Red candles can be used to increase energy levels, motivation, and overall vitality.

Protection: Red is also associated with protection, especially in some folk magic traditions. Red candles can be used to ward off negative energies, curses, or harmful influences.

Health and Healing: In some practices, red candles are used for healing purposes, particularly for ailments related to the physical body and vitality.

Passion Projects and Goals: Red is linked to ambition and determination. Red candles can be used to boost motivation and drive when working on passionate projects or pursuing personal goals.

Courage in Relationships: Red candles may be used to encourage open and honest communication in relationships, helping individuals express their true feelings and desires.

Celebration and Joy: Red is a color of celebration and joy. Red candles can be used in festive rituals and ceremonies to invoke feelings of happiness and celebration.

Element of Fire: Red is often associated with the element of fire, representing transformation, creativity, and action.


Red candles can be used to harness the power of fire in magical workings.It's important to note that the significance of red candles can also be influenced by cultural and personal beliefs. Practitioners may choose to use red candles based on their specific intentions and the symbolism that resonates with them.


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