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As part of the Altar Series, Sol is an unscented candle, crafted of yellow wax in a frosted white vessel. Yellow candles in magic and various spiritual practices are often associated with specific meanings and energies. Here are some of the key significances of yellow candles:

Intellect and Wisdom: Yellow is traditionally linked to the mind and intellect. Using yellow candles in rituals or meditations can be aimed at increasing focus, clarity of thought, and wisdom.

Confidence and Personal Power: The bright, assertive color of yellow is believed to help boost confidence, personal power, and assertiveness. It's used in spells or rituals intended to empower an individual, especially in matters of leadership or self-assertion.

Communication: Yellow is associated with effective communication. It's used in practices aiming to enhance verbal skills, persuasive abilities, and overall communication prowess.

Creativity and Inspiration: The color yellow is often seen as stimulating creativity and bringing inspiration. Artists or anyone seeking a creative boost might use yellow candles to foster new ideas and artistic insight.

Happiness and Positivity: Yellow, being a bright and cheerful color, is thought to bring positive energy, joy, and happiness. It's used in rituals to uplift spirits and bring a more positive outlook.

Solar Connections: Yellow is the color of the sun, and therefore it's often used in rituals or practices that invoke solar energy. This can include work related to success, prosperity, health, and vitality, as the sun is often associated with these aspects.

Elemental Associations: In certain traditions, yellow candles might be used to represent the element of Air, which is linked to the mind, wisdom, and communication.

Healing: Yellow can also be associated with healing, especially in matters involving the mind, such as overcoming mental blocks or healing from mental distress.


It's important to note that these associations can vary between different spiritual or magical traditions, and the significance of yellow candles can be different based on personal beliefs or specific practices. Always respect the individual practices and beliefs of different traditions.


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